Department: Department of Applied learning

Faculty: Faculty of Education Sciences

Area: Didactics of Body Expression

Research group: ESCULCA - Knowledge and educational action


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidade da Coruña with the thesis O estudo do xogo dos bolos en Boiro aspectos históricos, estado actual de práctica e perspectivas de futuro 2013. Supervised by Dr. José Palacios Aguilar, Dr. José María Pazos Couto.

Graduate in Physical Education from the Universidade da Coruña (1992-1996), Diploma in Advanced Studies (program in physical activity and sports sciences: advances and research, Universidade da Coruña 2001-2003), Undergraduate in Physical Education from the Universidade de Vigo (2003-2007), with a Master's degree (2013-2014) and an official Postgraduate course (2016-20176) completed at the University of Santiago de Compostela in the field of health, begins his scientific and research career with the project doctoral thesis in 2011 and culminated in 2013 with the reading of the thesis entitled “The study of the game of skittles in Boiro: historical aspects, current state of practice and future perspectives”, directed by José María Pazos Couto ( Uvigo) and José Palacios Aguilar (UDC). After starting to manage sports facilities (Sidecu SL, 1996-1997), he developed his professional work for 20 years as a technician for the Municipal Sports Service of the Boiro City Council (1997-2017). In 2015 he began his teaching career as Associate Professor (2015-2017) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (USC) in Didactics of Body Expression area (Department of Applied Didactics), to continue as Assistant Professor Doctor ( 2017-2022) and, finally, as Permanent Professor Doctor (2022), a position he currently occupies. In 2015 he joined the Esculca Research Group, a competitive reference group at the USC (GI-1790) in which he carries out a large part of his research work. He is also part of the SARELA (2016) and PAIDEIA (2017) Teaching Innovation Groups, both at USC. In the field of academic management at USC, he was Director of the San Clemente Residence Hall (University Residence System, 2018-2022) and currently holds the position of Vice Dean with powers in Academic Planning, Mobility and Students of the Faculty of Sciences of Education. In the period 2015-2024, its scientific and research career is developed based on thematic lines related to school Physical Education, traditional games, healthy habits at school, evaluation of the motor competence of early childhood and primary education students, the service-learning methodology and project work from Physical Education. His publications in journals indexed according to a relative quality index (SJR/JCR), his authorship of the book “The game of skittles in Boiro: tradition, culture and education” (Toxosoutos, 2016), numerous book chapters and contributions stand out in national and international conferences, participation in 10 regional, national and international research projects (highlighting the Erasmus+ project “mobilizing university-community resources through SL(M) for the inclusion of migrants/refugees) or the ALFAMOV patent (computer tool for the evaluation of motor skills in primary education students, derived from the National Project led by teachers Cristian Abelairas and Ezequiel Rey). Between the years 2016-1019, he carried out 4 research stays at the Universidade do Minho (Portugal), weaving a collaboration network between both universities and other Portuguese, Latin American or African universities, developing joint research, participating in the evaluation of projects, taking part of doctoral thesis tribunals or directing thesis at the UMinho Educational Institute. He currently has 1 five-year teaching period and 1 research six-year period and is accredited for the position of Full University Professor (ANECA, 2023).