A Picard-Brauer Five Term Exact Sequence for Braided Categories

  1. J.N. Alonso Alvárez
  2. J.M. Fernández Vilaboa
  3. R. González Rodríguez
  4. M.P. López López
  5. E. Villanueva Novoa
Rings, Hopf algebras, and Brauer groups: proceedings of the fourth week on algebra and algebraic geometry
  1. Stefaan Caenepeel (ed. lit.)
  2. Alain Verschoren (ed. lit.)

Editorial: Marcel Dekker

ISBN: 0-8247-0153-4

Año de publicación: 1998

Páginas: 11-42

Tipo: Capítulo de Libro


We construct a Brauer group for a braided monoidal category. When C and D are braided closed categories with equalizers and coequalizers such that D is a subcategory of C and the canonical inclusion i : D hooked right arrow C possesses a left adjoint F that verifies suitable conditions we construct a Picard-Brauer five term exact sequence that generalizes other sequences that appear in different contexts.