Department: Department of Quantitative Economy

Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Interuniversitary research center: Economic and Business Administration for Society (ECOBAS)

Area: Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics

Research group: Research group on law & economics


Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis La medida de la productividad global análisis desagregado para la minería española durante el período 1974-1991 1995. Supervised by Dr. María del Carmen Guisán Seijas.

Full Professor in the Department of Quantitative Economics (University of Santiago de Compostela). His main fields of research focus on the measurement of efficiency and productivity, measurement of economic and social impacts, the analysis of sustainability (especially in the cases of non-renewable resources), the economics of tourism and the econometric modeling. He has published articles related to his lines of research in relevant journals worldwide such as Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy Economics, Tourism Economics, Energy Economics, Applied Economics, PLoS ONE or Resources Policy.