Department: Department of Chemical Engineering

Faculty: Higher Technical Engineering School

Area: Chemical Engineering

Research group: Process intensification for a sustainable development

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My research experience (Researcher ID: K-4663-2012; ORCID: 0000-0002-3271-1638; Scopus ID: 6602732859) has been focussed on separation operations mainly centred on gas-liquid contactors and specifically in process involving oxygen and carbon dioxide mass transfer. In relation with carbon dioxide separation the main aims of these studies were (i) the development of more efficient solvents in comparison with the best available technique increasing reaction rate and carbon dioxide loading and (ii) modifications in solvent and operation to decrease the energetic requirements for solvent regeneration. The development of two-phase solvents (organic +aqueous) allows to reduce the flow-rate fed to the stripping regeneration unit. Studies based on oxygen transfer in multiphase bioreactors is included in a long-term collaboration with a research team from Biological Engineering Department of University of Minho (Portugal) with the aim of optimize the oxygen mass transfer in two phase partitioning bioreactor. The characterization of liquid phases used as solvents in gas separation is an important piece of work mainly focussed on viscosity and surface and interfacial tension that allow to evaluate interactions between components and phases. In the last few years other separation operations have been included in the research topics. One of them is the use of zeolitic membranes for separations involving a solvent in one of the chambers of the membrane module for specific separations (for instance simultaneous separation of volatile organic compounds and acidic gases). Size exclusion and chemical absorption are present in this type of contactor. On the other hand adsorption (gas-solid separation) is the last research topic included in the research interests. This research field is based in a multidepartment collaboration that allow to synthesis suitable porous materials for selective separation by this type of operation. I have been involved in 10 funded projects (5 national and 5 autonomic) and 4 research contracts with food and chemical companies. This research activity has been disseminated throughout the publication of 130 papers in peer-reviewed international journals (75% in Q1). Also, the obtained results corresponding to different research fields previously described were presented in more than 75 communications in chemical and chemical engineering congresses (mainly international). The development of a new chemical solvent for carbon dioxide separation with no negative issues such as materials corrosion and chemical hazards was patented in 2009.The research activity was recognized by means the positive evaluated of three six-year period (sexenios). 3 doctoral theses have been supervised with the maximum mark and focussed on carbon dioxide separation and liquid mixtures/solvents characterization. Nowadays a new doctoral thesis is in progress analysing the development of new materials for pollutant gases removal. 14 MSc theses were supervised and 2 are in progress. I have participated as manuscripts reviewer for more than 35 international journals and project evaluation for different national agencies (France, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates).