Department: Department of Pedagogy and learning

Faculty: Faculty of Education Sciences

Area: Theory and History of Education

Research group: Social Pedagogy and Environmental Education


Doctor by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis Electrospray deposition of superhydrophobic carbon-based layers application in proton exchange membrane fuel cells 2019. Supervised by Dr. María Paloma Ferreira Aparicio, Dr. Antonio Alfonso Martínez Chaparro.

PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a thesis in the field of renewable energies based on hydrogen. In his postdoctoral stage, both at the private company and at the university, he worked on life cycle analysis of products and processes as well as on advanced oxidation processes for wastewater treatment. In 2023, he joins the SEPA-interea group as a Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral researcher to develop educational resources on the global energy model to confront the climate crisis.