Decision making in strategic business management

  1. Keropyan, Aras
Dirixida por:
  1. Anna María Gil Lafuente Director

Universidade de defensa: Universitat de Barcelona

Fecha de defensa: 19 de xullo de 2012

  1. Vicente Liern Carrión Presidente/a
  2. Miguel Santolino Prieto Secretario/a
  3. Luis Otero González Vogal

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Strategy definition and implementation process in big corporations requires taking into account many variables from various management areas. Development of company strategies is not an easy task and many factors must be deeply considered in order to minimize the errors may emerge in strategic decision making process. We believe that a whole corporate strategy implicates; The excellent management of strategy with appropriate managers and employees, offering the best products, producing them cheaper through accurate selection of suppliers and management of materials and the correct implementation of marketing strategies and assuring the customer satisfaction with precise customer relationship management. Any decision taken in one of these four processes would have direct impacts on company results. In order to assure that we analyze decision making in Management, Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management and Marketing Management and develop a whole corporate strategy implementation process.