Lupus eritematoso discoide con gingivitis descamativa crónica. Presentación de un caso clínico con histopatología e inmunofluorescencia

  1. Blanco Carrión, A
  2. Gallas Torreira, MM
  3. Gándara Rey, JM
  4. García García, A
  5. Antúnez López, J
Medicina oral

ISSN: 1137-2834

Ano de publicación: 2000

Volume: 5

Número: 4

Páxinas: 231-237

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Medicina oral


A 55-year-old woman presented discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) oral and skin lesions with the rare association of chronic desquamative gingivitis (CDG). The latter is not a characteristic manifestation of lupus erythematosus, and to our knowledge the present case is the first such association reported in the literature. An analysis is made of the oral and skin lesions, with a discussion of the clinical and histopathological findings of this rare association. CDG is not considered a separate clinical entity, but rather as a nonspecific, chronic manifestation of different pathological processes -fundamentally dermatopathies involving oral lesions. A review is made of the conditions that can coincide or initially manifest with CDG, along with the histopathological diagnostic criteria of DLE. The importance of direct immunofluorescence in the differential diagnosis of the described lesions is assessed, and topical corticoid treatment is advised whenever oral lesions are present -regardless of the general therapy provided for the underlying systemic disease or the sun screen measures adopted.