Perfil de la mujer directiva española

  1. Porto Serantes, Nélida
  2. Neira Gómez, Isabel
  3. Vázquez Rozas, Emilia
Revista universitaria de ciencias del trabajo

ISSN: 1576-2904

Ano de publicación: 2010

Título do exemplar: La igualdad en la construcción del modelo laboral

Número: 11

Páxinas: 147-173

Tipo: Artigo

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Inequality in the workplace is an issue that transcends the borders of the countries. In the Spanish case comes from the normative change that require to the companies to provide more information, both quantity and quality and transparency. Globally, from arising from UN covenants, the enterprises are encouraged, in a voluntarily and freely way, to report about their progress towards demands of the society of the 21st century: companies socially responsible and companies that promoting the elimination of discrimination against women. Thanks to greater companies disclosure, we can deal in this paper the women�s profile current Spanish in occupying managing positions, presenting it as a woman entrepreneur, with level studies university, a women that forge ahead level positions in the bussines chart even if it is less than 30 years. We also highlight that the women are far from positions in boards of Directors, and even is far to be influential in the world of business in spite of the Equality Act.