Analysis of Gender Equality in Higher Management LevelsA Study Model

  1. Nuria Calvo
  2. Maria Bastida
  3. Jacobo Feds
Human Resource Management in the Digital Economy: Creating Synergy between Competency Models and Information
  1. Juana-Espinosa, Susana de (coord.)
  2. Jose Antonio Fernandez-Sanchez (coord.)
  3. Encarnacion Manresa-Marhuenda (coord.)
  4. Jorge Valdes-Conca (coord.)

Editorial: Information Science Reference

ISBN: 978-1-61350-207-5

Ano de publicación: 2012

Páxinas: 335

Tipo: Capítulo de libro


The main goal of this chapter is to undertake a critical analysis ofthe current situation concerning the equal treatment of female managers in Spain. In this chapter, the authors analysed the dynamics of business behaviour in order to understand why inequality of women managers for gender reasons persists in spite ofthe anti-discrimination measures recommended by the legislative framework in place. This analysis has allowed proposals for measures to be drawn up to be taken into account in designing human resources strategies, based on systems of management by competencies and assessment of managerial performance.